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Application Energy Toolkit

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Windows Vista/XP


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January 19 2011


Application Energy Toolkit


A set of tools designed to help software developers.

BrothersoftEditor: The Application Energy Toolkit is a set of tools designed to help software developers and quality assurance teams to create and evaluate software applications for power awareness. The primary objectives of these tools are to increase the developer's understanding of the application's Impact on battery power and to help them create energy-efficient software.

The tools within the Application Energy Toolkit originated in the former Mobile Computing Technology Kit (MCTK) and have been modified to support Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The mobility enabling tools provided in The ToolKit are intended to support experimentation, testing, and diagnostic evaluation of applications during the software development process.

Key Components
There are three components in the Application Energy Toolkit:

1) Power Status Simulator (Windows & Linux Only)

The Power Status Simulator simulates a battery-operated environment for an application running on a system that is AC powered.

Development platforms are typically AC powered and don't provide an option to operate on batteries. Power Status Simulator provides a user-controllable power environment for software developers and testers to help them develop power-aware applications for battery powered mobile computers on an AC-powered development platform.

2) Application Energy Graphing Tool

The Application Energy Graphing Tool is an interactive tool that can measure the battery power consumption of an application over time, and log and graph the resulting data.

Application developers can use the Application Energy Graphing Tool to help them design applications that conserve battery power on mobile computer systems.

3) Application Energy Command Line Tool

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