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C-Sharpener For VB 2.3

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Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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June 11 2008


C-Sharpener For VB 2.3


Convert Visual Basic .NET to C#.

Requirements: Visual Studio .NET 2003 or higher

If you are looking for the fastest, most accurate way to convert Visual Basic .NET to C#, then you have come to the right website. Imagine having all your VB.NET code converted in only minutes
#1 in reported lines of code converted
More than 41,013,567 reported lines of code have been converted using C-Sharpener For VB. (The software gives you the option of sending us statistics about your conversion projects—nothing private or proprietary is ever sent.) Adding in the unreported lines of code, we estimate that C-Sharpener For VB has converted over 410,000,000 lines of code.
Greater than 99% conversion rate
C-Sharpener For VB typically converts greater than 99% of your Visual Basic .NET projects to C# accurately and reliably using symbol table technology. The software does a full syntactic and semantic Analysis, including a full symbol tree, to ensure accuracy in even the most complicated conversion. See our Microsoft sample project, Duwamish Books, as an example.
Eliminate over 80 types of VisualBasic namespace dependencies
If you are migrating legacy VB code, there could be many references to the VisualBasic namespace. The Professional Edition of C-Sharpener For VB will optionally substitute native .NET Framework calls for over 80 types VisualBasic namespace dependencies. It will fixup Asc, Chr, Len, mid, StrComp, UCase, DateValue, Day, Hour, Minute, Month, TimeValue, Year, Kill, MkDir, Rename, IsDBNull, Hex, Oct, Split, LTrim, InStr, and many more!
Improve your code as you convert
The Professional Edition of C-Sharpener For VB helps you improve your converted code. For instance, you can comment out unused private fields, methods, and properties, control the location of the opening Curly brace ('{'), and more.
Conveniently convert within Visual Studio .NET
C-Sharpener For VB is an add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. This means you.

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