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Qana 1.0

OS Support:

Windows 7/Vista/XP


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September 5 2013


Qana 1.0


A Java application that encrypts using established algorithms.

Qana is a Java application that encrypts files, text and archives (hierarchically structured sets of files) with a Symmetric-key cipher based on established cryptographic algorithms: the scrypt key derivation function and the Fortuna cryptographically secure Pseudo-random Number Generator, with a choice of AES-256 or Salsa20 as the underlying cipher.

* It has an easy-to-use graphical interface, including a straightforward key-management dialog.

* Individual files can be encrypted.

* Text can be edited and encrypted. The encrypted text can be optionally wrapped in XML.

* A hierarchical set of files can be encrypted as an archive, which is stored as a set of encrypted files with generic names, along with an encrypted file of metadata.

* A single file can be split into several encrypted parts.

* Files or text can be encrypted and concealed within a image file.

* A file, text or an image can be generated with the same form as an encrypted output but containing garbage.

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