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f/Calc 2.0.1

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Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000


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February 26 2010


f/Calc 2.0.1


f/Calc is a calculator for photographic formulas.

Requirements: Adobe AIR

f/Calc is a calculator for photographic formulas. These formulas are at the heart of many interesting questions about the technical side of photography. You could compute these functions by hand, but they range from tedious to difficult, even with a good Scientific Calculator. When you let f/Calc do the hard work, you gain an intuitive feel for what the results mean, because you can quickly try new input values to see how they affect the result.

f/Calc Currently understands these formulas:

f Number Arithmetic - Find out things like what f/2.8 plus 2.5 stops equals, and how Far apart two aperture values are, in stops.

Depth of Field - Calculate the depth of a lens' field of acceptable sharpness at a given aperture and focus distance.

Hyperfocal Distance - Find the optimum focus distance to get maximum depth of field for a given focal length lens at a given aperture.

Field of View - Find out how wide an area a lens can Capture.

Angle of View - Find out what angle a lens of a given focal length covers, for a certain film format.

Magnification - Given the distance to the subject and the focal length of the lens, find out how large it will be on film.

Spot Meter - Find out how many degrees your camera's spot meter covers, with different lenses mounted.

Other Features
f/Calc is film format-agnostic. It currently knows about all common film formats from APS on up to 11x14, including some uncommon ones, like 6cm x 9cm.

f/Calc recalculates the Equation's results each time you change a field in the program, so that you can plug values into the calculator, and immediately see their effect on the results.

When you change a value in one section of the calculator, such as the film format, all other parts of the calculator use the new information. This allows you to jump to another calculation and continue working with inputs or calculated values from other sections.

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