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S.C.A. Micro Templates ABC

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Windows XP


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January 11 2008


S.C.A. Micro Templates ABC


add value to your applications

BrothersoftEditor: The S.C.A. Micro Templates were developed to add value to your applications by integrating small but very useful and attractive features:
Browse Header Sort and Reverse Sort

This template adds the capability of changing the sort order of a browsebox by clicking on the respective column header. Clicking again reverses the sort order.

You can select what symbols to use for ascending, descending and no-sort. In addition to click on header, you can also activate the use of Ctrl-Click or any other HotKey anywhere in the column.

The template works using the "Browse Box Behavior" and "Contitional Behavior" of the standard ABC templates. You first define all the sort orders you want, entering "0" or any constant as the condition, and then use the template to Link sort orders to columns.

For each column you can specifiy the locator control (if you are using any) and it will be unhidden as needed.

You can also choose if you want the symbol at the left or right of the header text.
Auto Next Tab

When you develop a form with many fields, is common to place them divided in two or more tabs. The Default behavior of Clarion when the user press TAB to leave the last field of a tab is to jump to the first control after the Sheet control. The result is the user has to use the mouse or press Ctrl-Tab to enter data in the fields of the next tab. This template changes this behavior, now when the user press TAB in the last field of a Tab, the form will jump to the first field of the next tab. If the users presses Shift-Tab on the first field, the form will jump to the last field of the previous tab.
This template has just one prompt, and it's to make the form compatible with EnterToTabKey templates in case you are using one.
XP Controls Enable
Windows XP introduced a new look of some Common Controls, like Buttons, Check Boxes and Option Boxes. This template just adds a precompiled RES file to the project.

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