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Ultra physics 1.0 Beta

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Windows 7/Vista/XP


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June 17 2011


Ultra physics 1.0 Beta


A tutorial software related to mechanical science in the world of physics.

Ultra Physics (Beta) is a tutorial software application related to mechanical science in the world of physics. This software application will help and encourage young students to get friendlier with the subject. Not only students, even lecturers can use this application to teach and conduct lectures.

This software application is created with the latest concepts and methods so that the user will enjoy working on it. Features such as Equation generators, voice functions, video tutorials, background and theory, Unit conversion Box, AERO style attractive graphical user interface and search Box will make this a user friendly software application.

A Brief description of each function (Feature) is given below

1. Aero style GUI (graphical user interface)
An aero style GUI is the latest method of making interfaces. This style will be attractive and Eye catching.

2. Equation generators
In this feature the user will be able to enter values to the equations and get the Answers in just a click of a button. The users will be able to understand the structure of the equations and the theory behind it.

3. Warning functions with voice commands
In this feature the application will give voice commands (speech) so that the user will feel an artificial intelligence (AI) like structure in the application. And these commands will help the user to understand the theories and the structure of the equation.

4. Search Box
This feature will help the user to search any equation or theory. This will save valuable time and it will make it easier for the user.

5. Video Tutorials
This feature will let the user watch video tutorials on the related subject. It will help the user to understand the subject better.

6. Background and theory
This feature will let the user read the theory behind the equations and the tutorials.

7. Unit conversion Box
This feature lets the user convert values to metric values.

Serial key = "ultra1"

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