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I Ching Dream Teller 1.0

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Windows XP/2000/98


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September 10 2009


I Ching Dream Teller 1.0


It is a program for MS Windows which will find an appropriate oracle in the book

BrothersoftEditor: The "I Ching DREAM TELLER" is a program for MS Windows which will find an appropriate oracle in the book of changes ( I CHING ) according to the meaning of the content of your dream.

For the ones being not familiar with, "I Ching", it is one of the oldest books. It is also known as: Yi Ching, Yi King, Yi Jing, I Jing, I Ging ( Germany ) and as "The Book of Changes".
Although originated in the eastern culture, I CHING becomes with the time more popular in the western culture. The book is structured in 64 hexagrams representing the states and the dynamic relationships of the eight elements, each represented by a trigram. Consulting the book involves a random state throwing three coins or splitting set of yarrow stalks to point to a hexagram and the corresponding text in the Book of Changes.

From the other side, interpretation of Dreams or trying to find meaning in the dreams was practiced by the ancient civilisations, and it still in practice.
I CHING DREAM TELLER brings both together. How does it work?
It Processes the content of your dream using natural language processing tools. If you rewrite the content of your dream second time in a different way, I CHING DREAMTELLER will still point to the same oracle in the 'Book of Changes'. Of course, as it is always the case with natural language processing, the reliability is never 100% but it is over 85%.

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