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I Free Time For Fitness 1.0

OS Support:

Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000


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May 5 2011


I Free Time For Fitness 1.0


End Distraction, Stay Focused On Tasks and Free Time For Fitness.

I Free Time For Fitness enables you to limit distracting websites, emails and games, Improve concentration and stay focused so that you have more time to exercise and improve your fitness. It's a PC-based, self discipline trainer. By staying focused each day and blocking distractions such as Facebook, you can free up to two weeks a year. Imagine how much more productive you could be if you were concentrating every time you're online.

Key Features:
-By saving one hour a day, get an extra 7 hours a week to focus on your fitness
-Block distracting websites, games and email at any time, Boost concentration and stay focused
-Use built-in reminders and to-do list to reinforce self discipline when using the Internet, email or playing games

Your fitness requires a significant investment of Your Time, but distracting websites such as Facebook can overcome self discipline at times. With I Free Time For Fitness, you can avoid online distractions such as Facebook, games, or email with convenient blocking features, daily time limits and to-do lists that reinforce your self discipline. The time that I Free Time For Fitness saves you by blocking distractions can be put directly to work in the gym, jogging or swimming.

For example, imagine you wake up on a Saturday, and before going out, catch up with friends and family via email and Facebook. You can either do so very quickly and then proceed to go jogging, or to the gym, or some other fitness exercise. But instead, you find yourself distracted by emails, status updates and links that people have sent you, maybe also by your favourite news or gossip sites, or even by a game. Before you know it, your self discipline falls away. The time you would have spent on fitness is gone, and you have other appointments for the rest of your day.

I Free Time For Fitness blocks distracting websites, email and games from getting in the way of your self discipline. Free your time for fitness, today.

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