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Microcom Printer Driver for Windows NT4 1.0

OS Support:

Windows NT


Publisher Old version


September 21 2010


Microcom Printer Driver for Windows NT4 1.0


It is a Generic 'True' Windows Microcom driver.

BS Editor: Generic 'True' Windows Microcom driver that can be used with all printer capable Windows applications providing support for the models listed below and functionality including:

- Printer Control
- Printer Configuration
- Resident printer Font access
- Resident printer Barcode access
- QualSoft's unique 'Send to Clipboard' resident barcode access
- Support for print settings e.g. speeds, paper sensing and more
- Support for graphical Binary Compression on certain models
- Access to device functionality from your existing applications

Model Support:

Microcom Model 400
Microcom Model 412
Microcom Model 466

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