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LAN Cable Labeler 1.3

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Windows XP/2000/NT


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June 16 2008


LAN Cable Labeler 1.3


This program simply compares your network at two different times.

Brothersoft Editor: This program simply compares your network at two different times, telling you which system(s), if any, are offline at the time of comparison. The first thing it does, is read the contents of your network neighborhood. This is the list obtained by the Master Browser on your domain. However, one problem with network neighborhood is that if a computer goes offline, it could take from several minutes to an hour to refresh. To fix this problem, this program first grabs the contents of your network neighborhood, then PINGs each system once. Any system that does not respond within the timeout (you can specify this under PING time) is taken off the list. Computers may show up in network neighborhood, but are not online, and as thus will not be listed as active. Therefore, if you run this program during a time of day when there are a great many number of offline computers that still show up in your network neighborhood (like right when everyone starts Going Home), then it could take a significantly long time to "Get the Network" since there may be many timeouts. The Default value for a PING timeout is 500 miliseconds. This means that if there are 10 offline computers listed in your network neighborhood, it will take this program 5 seconds to Process Them when you click "Get Network." If you set a higher PING time, this will take even longer. Most internal networks are 10/100 and have very fast ping times below 1ms. Once the network is obtained, when you click "Process" the program will try to re-PING all of those systems. Any system that registers a timeout when you click "Process" will be listed as Down. This is a really great way to know what cable belongs to which computer. For maximum accuracy, once you identify a cable as DOWN, plug it back in, wait about a minute, and click "Process" a Second Time. If it does not show up again, then you can be sure the cable is identified.

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