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N-Button 1.4

OS Support:

Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP


Publisher Old version


November 16 2011


N-Button 1.4


Creates widgets to control NCD relay controller boards without any programming.

BS Editor: N-Button creates up to 8 widgets to control National Control Devices relay controller boards without any programming. It supports Serial Port or USB and Network connection between PC and relay board. It is very easy to add widgets by N-Button MANAGER. It is also easy to modify the widget properties.

There are four types of widgets, Relay Button, Relay Status, A or D Meter and Customized Button. Relay Button widgets turn on or off relay directly. It is never so easy to control relays before. Relay Status widgets show status of the relay automatically A or D Meter widgets display the value of A or D channel automatically. Customized Button widgets can send user-defined data to relay board. It also supports to open or run other file and application.

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