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PA Server Monitor Free

OS Support:

Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000


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April 30 2011


PA Server Monitor Free


PA Server Monitor Free is qsolution to monitor servers and network hardware.

EditByBSEditor: PA Server Monitor is a powerful, yet simple to use software solution to monitor your servers and network hardware. PA Server Monitor will closely monitor your systems and notify you of failures or performance problems and run actions you define to minimize business Impact.

You can easily monitor:
-Event logs
-CPU usage
-Memory Usage
-NIC usage
-Free disk space
-Running services
-Log files
-Server & room temperature
-SNMP object values
-Running process(es)
- Directory quotas
-Changed files and directories
-Performance counter values
-POP, IMAP and SMTP mail servers
-Web PaGE content and load times
Ping response times
TCP port response
Citrix Monitoring
Additional resources via user scripts

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