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PacketTrap NetFlow Listener 2.3.8

OS Support:

Windows Vista/2003/XP


Publisher Old version


April 13 2009


PacketTrap NetFlow Listener 2.3.8


Captures flow data from network traffic to identify what is consuming bandwidth

The PacketTrap pt360 Tool Suite consolidates dozens of network management and monitoring tools into a single, integrated interface. The tool suite includes Cisco configuration management, server and application monitoring, open source and third party integration, a robust encrypted credential store, the ability to save and flow results between tools, deep network discovery (with network mapping) and Syslog server capabilities. All of these tools compliment the extensive real-time monitoring provided by the pt360 Dashboard.

Feature Summary:

Application Monitoring
Cisco Configurator
Device Groups
DNS Audit
Encryped Credentials
Enhanced Ping
Favorite Tools
Graphical Ping
MAC Scan
Network Discovery
Network Inventory
Open Source Integration
Ping Scan
Port Scan
Recent Tool List
Syslog Server
TFTP Server
Trace Route
Traffic Jam
Wake On Lan
WMI Scan

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