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ServerRadar 5.1.2

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/NT


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September 17 2009


ServerRadar 5.1.2


Easy-to-use interface allows you to manage all monitored items with ease.

Brothersoft Editor: Why Server Monitoring?

* Servers, such as website servers, mail servers, database servers, are becoming more and more important for your organizations or businesses. More DownTime, more loss and Distrust.
* Don't be the last one to know that your server goes down, and manage to Detect the problem and fix it promptly before any loss occurs.

What can ServerRadar do for you?

* Notify you when your server becomes inaccessible, and you don't have to worry about that the downtime will cost you much.
* Real-time charts give a Clear View of your servers' status.
* Historic reports in HTML format, which you can send to your clients and let them know that your server is always reliable.
* Easy-to-use interface allows you to manage all monitored items with ease.
* Run as a windows service, and you do not need to log in to start monitoring.

What types of Server can ServerRadar monitor?

* Web servers, including HTTP and HTTPS

ServerRadar monitors HTTP/HTTPS and communicates with the servers by Get, Post and Head. It can also monitor password-protected web servers and examine the web page contents to ensure that your web site hasn't been modified or tampered with.
* TCP Severs, such as FTP server,POP3 server and SMTP server

ServerRadar monitors FTP, POP3 and SMTP servers and it even can login to the server to operate the monitoring task.
* Ping

ServerRadar allows you to check on your servers' availability by ping it.
* Database servers

ServerRadar can connect to Database and run SQL to monitor the Database server.
* Dns Server

ServerRadar can monitor DNS servers and verify the DNS information.

How can ServerRadar notify you when the server is down?

* Send emails

ServerRadar can send multiple emails to any email addresses you specify when an error occurs to your server. Its powerful email template allows you to create custom messages you wish to receive.

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