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Z++ Internet Server 2.0

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Windows XP/2000/98


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July 6 2010


Z++ Internet Server 2.0


The Z++ Internet Server facilitates platform-independent enterprise distributed.

Edit By BS Editor: The Z++ Internet Server facilitates platform-independent enterprise distributed computing. It also serves as proxy for database operations on handheld devices. This allows Z++ database Statements to remain the same whether written for a desktop application or an application running on a handheld device. Furthermore, the Z++ Internet Server facilitates PHP remote communications with Z++ applications.

The Z++ Internet Server is available for Windows and Linux.

Z++ allows for developing applications with reduced costs and increased flexibility

* The Z++ Internet Server includes the Z47 Virtual Processor, which is a Self-Contained Distributed Operating System (SCD-OS) independent of the host Operating System.
* Allows Distributed Z++ Applications to run on multiple Operating Systems.
* Dramatically reduces development costs and time to market by allowing developers creating Enterprise Distributed Software the ability to focus on designing quality business applications versus navigating OS dependencies.
* Enables Z++ components of an application to be distributed over multiple Servers.
* Specifically built to support small to large Enterprise Applications and their integration with new and existing applications written with other development tools.
* The Z++ Internet Server provides an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) allowing Information Technology personnel the ability to manage Application Servers utilized in traditional Client/Server configurations as well as in advanced Distributed Computing operating environments.

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