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Precise Writer 1.5

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Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/2008/98/Me/NT


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May 31 2011


Precise Writer 1.5


Get Precise Writerbeta for Free during this Introductory Offer.

EditByBSEditor: Precise Writerbeta auto-learns your vocabulary as you type and eliminates the chore of re-typing and correcting that text in any editor, document processor or browser running under Windows.

Precise Writer is indispensable to any English or German typist since every professional field has unique and complex terminology. Quietly and in the background, Precise Writer learns your unique terms and delivers them to your fingertips faster and more assuredly than you can type.

Simply type and Precise Writer assists you gracefully with easy-to-read drop down suggestions and customizable Hotkeys that paste selected text completions into your working documents.

Unlike other AutoComplete engines that base suggestions on aggregate statistics over an entire range of authors and technical fields, Precise Writer is quiet and always relevant, secure, and loyal just to you and your field of study.

Although useful in practically every professional field, Precise Writer is great for accelerating product marketing, legal, government, healthcare, science and journalistic writing. It's also essential to college and university note takers who are rewarded with easier, quieter KeyBoarding during class and after class when typing homework assignments and research papers.

Precise Writer is everywhere you want it to be. By Default, it runs in Word, Notes, Outlook, Google Docs or any internet-based web application. You can easily configure Precise Writer to work in any application that supports simple cut-and-paste functionality. Once enabled, it will always be in the background offering you the option of a single keystroke to paste text into your document faster and more accurately than you can type.

Speed your typing and Improve your spelling now! Precise Writer will reduce your typing burden. Guaranteed.

Precise Writerbeta is completely free to download and use until the end of its introductory period.

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