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e-Backup 1.0

OS Support:

Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98


Publisher Old version


August 5 2008


e-Backup 1.0


e-BACKUP is the easiest way to backup your data to any hard disk.

e-BACKUP is the easiEST way to backup your data to any hard disk, removable media, the internet or a remote computer on your network.

Easy to use, yet powerful: you can select backup of all your files, only those files that have changed since the last backup, or backup by file type, such as data files, applications, or operating system.

- Save your files and information to a secure location or to a remote computer on a network
-Zip backups to save space.
- Automatically span data so that information can be saved across multiple floppy disks.
- Backup files directly onto a CD or DVD, without needing any additional burning software.
-Remembers your past backups and can repeat these backups at regular intervals to update your saved information in an ongoing fashion.
- Schedule your backups to run at your convenience, or schedule them to run repeatedly so that you don't have to remember to regularly back up your data.
-Use in large office environments, as it can back up data across entire Windows servers.
-Intelligent Backup system allows you to only backup files that have been recently created or modified to save space.
- Store backups in time-stamped Folders so that you can keep track of different version dates for your saved information.
-Use the password Protection system, for added security.

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