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Q-Backup 2

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Windows XP/2000


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May 14 2008


Q-Backup 2


It is an backup system for laptop, desktop home/office users.

Brothersoft Editor: Due to the personalised nature of backup please call us to discuss your existing infrastructure and your requirements. In addition to this we also offer a completely free backup system called Q-Backup for everyone to use. Please don't lose your data.
Are you a business?
Q-Backup is a completely FREE backup system for use with workgroups that have multiple computers and no server, or sites with Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Servers. Q-Backup can handle Microsoft Exchange and all your business critical data including Server settings and configuration.
Or is it pleasure?
Q-Backup is an excellent standalone backup system for laptop, desktop home/office users. When used in conjunction with a conventional USB stick >> it can protect Outlook®, Internet favorties, documents, music, pictures and system settings! You need absolutely no IT knowledge to use Q-Backup!
Q-Backup can send the backup to any device attached to your Server or master computer. We recommend low cost USB drives from 250 GB upwards. Multiple drives should always be used and kept on rotation.

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