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F CRC Calculator 0.6

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Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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March 31 2010


F CRC Calculator 0.6


F-CRC is a tools for calculating CRC32 for any file.

Edit By BS Editor: F-CRC is a tools for calculating CRC32 for any file.
A file's CRC is a code which is characteristic to the file contents.
To check if 2 files with the same name and same size are really the same we should check if they have the same CRC.
F-CRC also calculate MD5, which is like CRC another very common code.

Why using CRC (or MD5)?

When you send large files through internet application having a transfert not sure (FTP, irc, winmx...), the risk to have bits errors is high. Compare only FileSize can't Detect this type of error. You have to use CRC or MD5. The Sender and receiver compute their file's CRCs. If they are equal, the send was fine, else an error has occured. In case of different CRC, the file can be corrected by a small patch file, you can make with tools like Zidrav, or QuickPar.
CRC may be used for checking CD or DVD data you have made.
Which is better between CRC and MD5?

CRC is a smaller code, so it's easier to use it. MD5 is a bit slower, and make larger code. For small files CRC is good enough. For files over 1Gb, MD5 seem to be a better choice.

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