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f2xml 1.0

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Windows 98/ME/2000


Publisher Old version


December 2 2002


f2xml 1.0


Do you need better control over your filesystem? f2xml provides that control....

Brothersoft Editor: Do you need better control over your FileSystem? f2xml provides that control. f2xml creates customised XML, HTML or TEXT based reports on your file system or removable storage (CD's, floppy disks, etc). The HTML and TEXT based output provide self contained reports. The XML format allows for further analysisthrough XSLT to provide whatever Details you need from your file system. GUI, command line and DLL interface are provided.f2xml provides detailed information on what is stored on your disk(s) and allowing a wide variety of disk based tasks and reports, such as:Finding zero length (empty) filesListing duplicate filesSorting files and Folders to find the largest files.Keep track of all files stored on CD's, or floppy disks such that they can be accessed without re-loading the media (eg for large Music collections archived to CD). For example, when you write a new CD, run f2xml against the CD to list the contents as a web page. Save that to a 'CD' folder so that you can quickly find items from it later.Extract images from a file hierarchy and present as a web page, or set of web pages.Create web pages with thumbnail images, linking to the full images.Find all MP3 music files on your disk.Fast file searches looking for file names, sizes, those created in the last hour, content, etc. The output may be further refined. For example, to search for all DLL's, then run a second utility to check that each DLL is the current version.Provides a base set of functionality for a customized disk management capability -- delete all backup files, show me the new files since the last snapshot was taken, what new dll's have been placed on my system...

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