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Dlesk Internet Browser

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Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me


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June 27 2008


Dlesk Internet Browser


Dlesk Internet Browser is a very east-to-use universal browser.

Dlesk Internet Browser is a very east-to-use universal browser. It can open many files and it's speed is unmatched by any other browser Currently on the market. The ability to open and edit system files makes this browser excel over any others.

Dlesk Internet Browser has features that power users demand, but at the same time it's simplistic for beginners. This is the flagship application for the software development division of Dlesk Technology Solutions.

Key Features
Universal Support - Can open nearly any file
Speed - Current one of the fastest browsers available
Advanced features for power users
Simple features for beginners
Excellent Customer Service
Updates available from the Options Menu

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