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May 2 2014

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b1gMail is a powerful and versatile solution that allows you to become an email service provider in no time. As an all-in-one solution, b1gMail provides you with anything you need to set up and run your email service.
b1gMail contains many features which make your daily life with email communication easier. Conventient features like automatic grouping and sorting, intelligent filtering folders, customizable viewing preferences, email thread display, email preview and search give you a perfect overview over your mailbox.
With b1gMail you enrich your website with a greatly demanded feature. Create your own dedicated email service and offer your visitors the ability to sign up for an own email address under your domain.
With b1gMail's Webdisk feature, you can offer a virtual online harddisk which allows your users to store their files and folders and access them from anywhere in the world.
In times of undamped spam ergence, spam and virus defense is more important than ever. b1gMail contains powerful spam filters (DNSBL filtering and a statistical, adaptive Bayes filter) and integration of the popular Open Source Anti Virus software ClamAV (if installed ony our server).

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