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May 4 2014




Y!Supra is a third party chat client that will enrich your Yahoo! experience with its user-friendly design and advanced capabilities.

This is the first program of its kind to be a pure native application. No external dependencies are required, not even for YMSG authentication or voice chat.

Main Features:
1. Communication
- Animated Smilies
- Customizable fonts & colors
- Hypertext preferences
- Buddylist with stealth & custom status options
- Tabbed Instant Messages
- Offline Messages
- Chat Rooms
- List of all chat rooms
- Favorite & Recent chat room lists
- Ability to stay in a chat room for up to 6 hours
- Emotes
- Tattoos
- Voice Chat with "domination", recorder & is not affected by voice laggers
- Allow or disallow voice chat to strangers
2. Protection
- Advanced SPAM/flood filters
- Flood Detector which will automatically heighten security when a flood is detected
- Eleven customizable chat room filters
- Ten customizable instant message filters
- Username wildcard ignore
- Message wildcard filter
- Filter Log
- Safe List
- Ignore List
- Cloak Mode
- Ghost Mode
- YMSG Version 16 and 102
3. Productivity
- Account Manager
- Account Unlocker
- Password Changer
- Auto-update
- Packet Analyzer
- Macros/Chat Commands
- Server Preferences
- Customizable Client ID
- Wallpaper Preferences

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