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M-Color 9.6.504

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May 5 2014


M-Color 9.6.504


M-Color is a presentation plotting software for AutoCAD and JCAD users who need to develop high-quality plots of their CAD designs.

M-Color bridges the gap between traditional CAD drafting and presentation graphics software. You can use AutoCAD's precision drafting capabilities to create and edit your CAD drawings, and take advantage of the advanced graphical effects and publishing possibilities of M-Color to produce a high-quality presentation plot.

Key benefits of using M-Color instead of traditional AutoCAD plotting includes:

- Additional graphical effects to improve the appearance of your presentation plots.
- New publishing possibilities, including high-quality PDF, PostScript and bitmap exporting.
- Advanced previewing capabilities.
- Better plotting performance and smaller plot files.
- Dramatic increases in productivity through layer-based plot appearance settings and reusability.

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