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OpenCL Studio 2.0

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May 7 2014


OpenCL Studio 2.0


OpenCL Studio integrates OpenCL and OpenGL into a single development environment for high performance computing and visualization. Its integrated source code editors, interactive scripting language and open source parallel algorithm library support the development of complex GPU Compute solutions. The editor hides much of the complexity of the underlying APIs to give you a head start into parallel computing and visualization.
Besides the OpenCL kernel code and OpenGL Shading Language, OpenCL Studio also supports the Lua scripting language to develop application specific logic and integrate 3rd party plug-ins. While the context of OpenCL and GLSL is well defined and their APIs documented online, the Lua interface intrinsic to the development environment is documented by an interactive API browser embedded under the Help tab within the editor.
The Lua API consists of OpenCL Studio intrinsic modules, Lua plug-in modules and the libCL integration. Most of the API is open-source including modules for I/O and rendering as well as the entire libCL parallel algorithm library. All of the source code distributed with OpenCL Studio including VC project files and dependencies resides under the bindings directory of the current workspace. The examples in the distribution as well as the instructional videos provide a comprehensive overview on how to extend OpenCL Studio.

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