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TurboVNC 1.1.95

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May 6 2014


TurboVNC 1.1.95


The VirtualGL Project provides an accelerated version of VNC, called “TurboVNC”, which is meant to be used with VirtualGL’s X11 Transport. The combination of the two provides a highly-performant remote 3D solution, even on slow networks. TurboVNC also provides rudimentary collaboration capabilities, allowing multiple users to simultaneously interact with the same 3D application.

TurboVNC is a high-speed version of VNC derived from TightVNC. It contains a variant of Tight encoding that is tuned to maximize performance for image-intensive applications (such as VirtualGL, video applications, and image editors) while still providing excellent performance for other types of applications. TurboVNC, in combination with VirtualGL, provides a complete solution for remotely displaying 3D applications with interactive performance.

Unlike TurboVNC, TigerVNC is not specifically focused on 3D and video applications, and thus TurboVNC remains the X proxy of choice for VirtualGL.

TurboVNC main features:

- Very stable -- 8+ years of enterprise testing and productization, and thousands of seats in large corporations and academia.
- The ability to set global security/authentication policies for a particular server machine (including disabling clipboard transfer and reverse connections, requiring SSH tunneling, and disabling particular authentication methods)
- One-time password support (useful when building web portals around TurboVNC)
- User access control lists (for sharing sessions with specific users)
- Lossless refresh and automatic lossless refresh features
- Pseudo-double buffering to prevent tearing artifacts with 3D and video applications (TigerVNC partially supports this, but their viewer implementation sometimes draws the screen in the middle of a frame, particularly on slower connections.)
- Rich Windows VNC viewer GUI
- Full documentation and complete manual pages
- Multi-threaded encoding (multi-threaded decoding slated for next major release)
- Lossless Tight encoding method for high-speed networks (approximates the bandwidth usage of Hextile and uses very little CPU time)
- Fully configurable and flexible full-screen and multi-screen support on Linux and Windows clients (for instance, the ability to use vncviewer with offset screens or screens with differing resolutions, to specify whether a window should maximize across one or multiple screens, etc.)
- Keyboard grabbing feature that allows special window manager keystrokes, such as Alt-Tab, to be sent to the server
- Default settings are designed to provide peak LAN performance for 3D and video apps
- Fully self-contained X server code base
- Full support for IPv6
- Java viewer can achieve "near-native" levels of performance by calling libjpeg-turbo through JNI
- Fully-integrated SSH support (including -via and -tunnel options on all platforms and built-in SSH key management in the Java viewer)

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