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T54 1.0

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May 13 2014


T54 1.0


Welcome to WinLedge T54, a new product designed to simplify your year end processing. T54 is a specialty program that is designed to do the following:

1) Enter, Store, Print and Efile T4s

2) Enter, Store, Print and Efile T4As

3) Enter, Store, Print and Efile T5s.

Take a look at some of the keys points:
- Unlimited number of companies, unlimited number of business numbers, unlimited number of payers.
- No limit to the number of T4s, T5s and T4As you can add. Keep multiple years of each document on file.
- Print documents on plain paper which can be mailed to the CRA (approved forms).
- Create XML files for easy efiling of documents.
- Status code to indicate if document has been printed and/or efiled.
- System prints T4 Summary, T5 Summary, T4A Summary forms too.
- System can print information sheets for the back of the T4, T5 and T4A.
- SQL Search grid to find documents with ease.
- Built-in Backup functions.
- Common Payer database saves time by storing and allowing re-use of payers, business etc.
- Data checking to ensure accuracy.
- System uses Crystal Reports (tm.) so any report can be exported to more than ten different file formats.

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