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F.A.S.T. VirtuWell

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May 16 2014


F.A.S.T. VirtuWell


F.A.S.T. VirtuWell™ is a set of practical and easy-to-use tools to model, analyze and optimize flow in wellbores. It allows the user to perform single and multi-phase flow calculations for different wellbore geometries such as vertical, slant, horizontal or complex configurations. Different flowing paths can be selected (tubing, casing, annular or simultaneous tubing-annular flow) and along with the multiple single and multiphase flow correlations, including a mechanistic model, different problems such as liquid loading and erosion can be assessed. The possibility to include several IPR, AOF and TPC curves makes it a great resource to evaluate different scenarios. Additional features include: choke analysis, vertical flow performance curves, pipe segment calculations, multiple oil properties correlations, hydrates detection, soaping, and multiple perforated intervals

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