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Lab1W 1.1

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May 16 2014


Lab1W 1.1


Lab1W is a modul of the Merseburg Database MDB also separately to use.

Main Features :

1. Calculation of Concentrations for mixtures up to 6 components:

- Converting mole fractions → mass fractions
- Converting mass fractions → mole fractions (the molar masses needed are calculated from the formula automatically)
- Weighed portions (masses) of the components → Mole and mass fractions of the mixture
- Specification of mass fractions (or mole fractions resp.) and volume → Calculation of portions to be weighed („recipes“)

All results are recorded in a table which can be printed, saved or exported to MS-Excel via clipboard.

2. Conversion of Physical Units for the 32 most important quantities used in the Physical Chemistry
3. Calculator for Molar Masses with a flexible formula input

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