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Baalty 2.02

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May 21 2014


Baalty 2.02


The goal of Baalty is simple – to make money!

The amount of money and property that you own is called your net worth.

The greater your net worth, the more you are winning the game.

The way you build your net worth is by building shops where you can sell things to people.

These shops are your business. In a business, you want to make profit – money that you earn by selling something for more than you paid for it.
That’s how a business works.

You will start small, with just a mat and a box of a few things you can sell to people.
But if you make smart choices and use your money well to create profit, you can soon change your mat into a wagon, then a kiosk, then a small shop, a large shop, or even a supermarket!

Each time you grow, you can make more profit, and increase your net worth.

You can start new shops in new areas, and make a whole chain of stores.
If you are smart, you will have profit coming in from many places at once.

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