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Q9 Action Game 1.2

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May 17 2014


Q9 Action Game 1.2


Finger numbing action, stunning audio imagery and a touch of morbid comedy is combined in this brand new title, promising hours of thrilling and challenging game play.
The Q9 Action Game is a typical side scroller, entirely based on sound and audio environments. You assume the role of the little alien Q9 who has had the misfortune to crash on Earth, managing to lose his spaceship somewhere in the process. Now it's your job to guide him through numerous dangers and exciting adventures so that he can, with some luck, find his spaceship in order to return home again.
The game features pristine sound effects and original orchestral music, carefully and painstakingly combined to create a truly unique gaming experience. Fight your way through four virtual worlds filled to the brim with all kinds of murderous monsters, treacherous traps and other surprises, and finally attempt to defeat the boss who is patiently waiting for you at the very end.

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Q9 Action Game | Q9 Action Game 1.2

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