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SA-MP Remote Administrator 0.1

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May 28 2014


SA-MP Remote Administrator 0.1


An advanced SA-MP remote administration tool including fully functional chat and detailed live player information. Also includes a fully functional ban system with temporary bans and an administration account system.

Fully interactive in-game chat (with player colours)
List of in-game players (with player colours)
Right-click on player list to do an administrator action on them
Live in-game statistics with a map view (awesome tracking mode included and pictures of current vehicle/skin)
In-game statistics can be edited immediately by changing the value and pressing enter
Total ban system, includes timed bans, permanent bans and a simplified ban management interface
Administration system, you can add/edit administrators who will be able to login with this tool
Used to commands? You can use /kick and /ban through the chat box!
Administrate your server from anywhere at any time!

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