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Z: Steel Soldiers 1.1

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May 24 2014


Z: Steel Soldiers 1.1


Z: Steel Soldiers takes the core structure of the original title and immerses the player into an experience that is altogether more refined.
Z: Steel Soldiers' focus like Z is as an arcade-strategy title where the emphasis is on the players' real-time combat decisions and their subsequent consequences.
Z: Steel Soldiers has evolved from the benchmark that Z created by retaining the elements that made Z a great game and plunging them into realistic 3D environment. As a direct consequence of this, Z: Steel Soldiers has become truly representative of a 'real world' war zone in that every metre of ground needs to be fought for as a result of the territory based nature of the game play.
Each world type that battle takes place upon has been carefully crafted with its own unique environment, whether it be sun bleached dessert or dark forest each with its own environmental system and localised life forms.
The war machine that the player commands has been completely reworked and extended within Z: Steel Soldiers compared to the original. Again due to the fact that highly realistic terrain environments exist within the game, it seemed only fair to give the player a full naval and air force to command as well as the robotic infantry and armoured fighting vehicles from the first game. In total there are 30 unit types and 20 building types for the player to experiment with. In addition to the original array of Robots, there is a new core of elite infantry units that have been introduced; the Technician, Explosives Expert and the Spy.

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