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D-Link Media Server 1.10

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June 4 2014


D-Link Media Server 1.10


Media Server Feature Description
- Shared Folder: This panel consists of features that allow a user to add, delete and refresh shared folders. It also has a window to allow a user to see what folders are shared currently.
- Shared folder path: This window lists the entire shared folder’s path in your PC. For example, if I have a “Music” folder under my C: drive, the folder path will be “C:Music”
- Add a folder: This feature allows a user to add a new folder that they would like to share on the network in order to allow the media player to browse and playback content from it.
- Refresh a folder: This feature allows a user to refresh a specific shared folder’s information on the Media Server. This is needed if a user has made changes to the specific folder after it was already shared.

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