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O&O CleverCache Pro 4.0.742

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June 27 2014


O&O CleverCache Pro 4.0.742


Even with the latest hardware, the processing of digital pictures, videos, games and constant server loads can often lead to longer answering times or "frozen" programs. In fact, it’s often not the lack of main memory capacity that’s at fault, but the file cache management of your Windows operating system. O&O CleverCache makes sure that the file cache is reset while the computer’s running: something that otherwise usually requires a restart of the computer. O&O CleverCache will let you will continuously maintain maximum levels of performance on your computer – no new start required, and with just a few clicks of your mouse.

O&O CleverCache prevents those infamous program and application “freezes” where usually only closing the program with the Windows Task Manager can help. Simply install O&O CleverCache and let it take care of your computer or servers memory management.

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