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WX Smart Desktop Five Environments Work X2+

OS Support:

Windows All


Publisher Old version


February 18 2017


WX Smart Desktop Five Environments Work X2+


70% more features than the Windows® Desktop.

Improve your productivity with an Smart Desktop over 400 features and tools.

Media Center, Instant Web, Content Box, Memory Optimizer, Smart Menu, System Monitor, Audio Mail, Audio Player, My House Monitor, Video Mail, Video Player, App Uninstall, Image Art, Image Art Design FX, File Studio, Keeper Password, MiniWebcam, Auto shut down, Device Control, Smart Bar Application Monitoring, Player Effect, Desktop, Firewall, Antivirus, Network Notifier Intrusion...

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Menu | Smart | Programs | Files | Access | Run | Start | Open | Shortcut | Colors | Speed | Mouse | Touch | Taskbar | Memory | Optimizer | Battery | Launch | Media | Screen Recorder | Music Mail

Size : 3.77 MB