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ElectriKeys e Piano VSTi

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February 19 2008


ElectriKeys e Piano VSTi


n Electric Piano Emulation based on vintage Fender Rhodes ElectriKeys was designed to be an Electric Piano Emulation based on vintage Fender Rhodes MK1, Hohner Clavinet D6, Wurlitzer and Yamaha CP-70 e-Pianos.

Here are some key features of "ElectriKeys e Piano VSTi":

  • ePiano Selector. One instrument offering the sound of four legendary e-pianos:
  • Fender Rhodes Electric Piano (Stage Piano Mark I)
  • Hohner Clavinet D6
  • Wurlitzer Electric Piano
  • Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand Piano
  • Sound is generated via a hybrid method that combines synthesis and sampling techniques, to create the most realistic sounds of these vintage electric pianos.
  • Tremolo Section: Recreates the classic effect (which was called vibrato on the real Rhodes front panel). Contains a LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) with modulation depth, frequency and offset. The panning slider controls the output effect distribution between left and right speaker and to help create a broad spectrum of stereo tremolo effects.
  • 5-Band Parametric Equalizer: EQ composed of five parametric filters with Frequency, Bandwidth and Gain knobs. Equalization allows you to lower or raise the volume of specific frequency ranges for bass and treble manipulation.
  • Decay & Release Time: Decay sets the note decay while the key is pressed. Release sets the release (fade out) time after the key is released, offering unique tone to each player.
  • 32 presets for Tremolo effects and Parametric EQ ready to play. Creating new sounds is as simple as combining these presets in different ways and tweaking any associated parameters from there as desired.
  • Signal's Harmonic Spectrum (Freq. analyzer)
  • FULL MIDI Automation: Complete MIDI Continuous Controller. Every parameter can be controlled via MIDI or host automation.
  • (Syntheway EKEP)

  • Processor: Pentium, Celeron or equivalent - 500 MHz or more.
  • RAM: 64 MB of memory (128 MB recommended)
  • VST 2.0 or higher Host application like: FL Studio 7.xx, 6.xx, Steinberg Cubase VST 5/32, Cubase VST 5 Score, Cubase VST 5 Standard, Cubase SL 1.xx, 2.xx, Cubase SX 1.xx, 2.xx, 3.xx, Synapse Orion Pro 6.xx 7.xx, Synapse Orion Platinum 6.xx 7.xx, Sony ACID Pro 5.xx 6.xx, Mackie Tracktion 2.xx, Audio Mulch 1.0, 1.0rc1, 0.9xx, Steinberg Nuendo 1.xx, 2.xx, 3.xx, Samplitude 8.xx 9.xx, Cakewalk's SONAR 5 Producer Edition and Studio Edition, SONAR Home Studio 4 and Home Studio 4 XL, Bram Bos Tunafish 1.xx, M-Audio Ableton Live 5.xx, M-Audio Evolution Sound Studio II Standard & Pro 2.xx, PowerTracks Pro Audio, Making Waves Audio & Studio 5.xx and more ...
  • Graphics (minimum): 16-bit 800x600
  • Work with other hosts, as a DirectX plug-in using the FXpansion Vst-Dx V3/4 adapter or running ToneWise's DirectiXer 2. Is the easiest way to gain access to the hundreds of VST plug-ins from your DirectX audio application. Compatible with the Cakewalk Audio line (v6 and higher), FASoft N-Track, Sound Forge and Vegas (as an Aux effect only, in Vegas), Acon Digital Media Acoustica 4.0 (Effects only) Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, and many more.
  • Via FXpansion's VST-to-RTAS Adapter: M-Audio Digidesign Pro Tools M-Powered Recording Software.
  • Via FXpansion's VST to AudioUnit Adapter for Mac OS X: A highly-integrated plug-in wrapper that allows users of AudioUnit-compatible applications to integrate VST plug-ins and instruments seamlessly in to their working environment.
  • Other Components: PC configured according to the specifications of the host application
  • An ASIO soundcard is recommended for low latency real-time play.

  • 30 days trial
  • Beep noise every 10 seconds.

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