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M DVD Org V2 Video Manager

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Windows 2K/XP/Vista


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January 17 2008


M DVD Org V2 Video Manager


Management of DVD, DivX, and movie collections. Quick & easy - without typing. DVDs are piling up on your shelf? Your hard disk is overflowing of DivX movies?

M-DVD.Org V2 - Video-Manager provides you with the overview on your DVD and movie collection!

With growing DVD collections it is very easy to lose the overview on the treasures you have on the shelf. The same applies to your PC: The jungle of files and directories becomes more and more impenetrable.

M-DVD.Org V2 - Video-Manager is the solution! The all-rounder software for management of video files, movie information, and DVD covers. All integrated under a uniform software interface.

M-DVD.Org V2 - Video-Manager provides order, overview and is even able to fill in gaps without manual entry.

The software reads hard disks, network drives, CDs, and DVDs and automatically incorporates the multimedia files into the database. With just a few clicks M-DVD.Org V2 - Video-Manager saves the information and completes missing details including covers via the internet.

M-DVD.Org V2 - Video-Manager, having a highly intuitive interface that offers numerous benefits, provides almost unlimited possibilities to customise data and file processing according to your personal needs.

Here are some key features of "M DVD Org V2 Video Manager":
Look & Feel

  • Uniform program interface
  • Intuitive usability
  • Internet support for completion of missing information
  • Offline database for quick data access
  • Immediate, comprehensive help by pressing the F1-key

    Import & Recognition
  • Automatic import and management of video, movie, and cover data
  • Supported video formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD, WMV HD, VCD, SVCD, VHS, DivX, WMV, XviD, MPEG, AVI, MKV, OGM, MOV, RM
  • Supported cover formats: DVD, VCD, VHS
  • Download of missing information and covers from the internet

    Review & Display
  • Freely selectable list view
  • Detail view of selected dataset
  • Comprehensive review of individual movies
  • Grafical statistics of video data in circle diagrams

    Edit & Change
  • Change of any number of datasets simultaneously
  • Batch updates for automatic completion of missing information

    Search & Filter
  • Search and filtering data by automatically generated and user defined filters
  • Search for duplicates - in the database and on the hard disk
  • Search orphaned datasets whose corresponding files have been deleted from the hard disk

    Print & Export
  • Adaptable print and export of selected data in various formats: HTML, Excel, XML, CSV
  • Print covers in the formats: DVD (Amaray Box), VCD (Jewel Case), Video (VHS Cover)

    Play & Transfer
  • Play video data directly with any player
  • Transfer of digital data onto portable video player

    Loan Function
  • Loaned - function displaying all loaned movies / DVDs
  • Loan History - for displaying all movies / DVDs loaned so far

  • CPU: Min. 500 MHz, recommended 1 GHz
  • RAM: Min. 128 MB, recommended 256 MB
  • Hard Disk: Min. 50 MB free memory
  • CD-ROM: Popular CD-ROM drive
  • Monitor: SVGA monitor with a resolution of 800x600 or higher
  • Internet Access: For registration and online updates

  • Maximum 25 movies

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    M Dvd Org V2 Video Manager

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