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g0 Secure Delete 2.0

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February 20 2008


g0 Secure Delete 2.0


Simple deleting a file doesn't help much because nothing is deleted. The disk space is BEEing made available again to the system, but the actual bytes on the hard disk drive weren't changed. The file system has to consume some time writing your data to the disk, but it doesn't have to consume time 'unlinking' it. It simply makes it available to the next best calling proccess. A standard 'undelete' program can search through your hard drive's free space and restore your files. Writing new data on a hard drive minimizes the 'old data' to the point where your file system will ignore it. But forensic soft/hardware used against you will be able to read through. Ground Zero secure delete is the solution ! With the support of this application, it is possible to successfully defeat recovery tools such as EnCase to delete a file in a secure way. Advanced deletion shemes like the DOD 5220.22M Standard or Peter Gutmann's algorithm ensure maximum security for your private data. It is also possible to select your own custom deletion methode where you can specify your own amount of overwrites. New in version 2: Now you can also securely clean the Free Space on your Drive ! If you delete a file on your System, Windows marks the space that has been occupied by your program as free and makes it available to be overwritten. But the data can be easily recovered. Imagine you sell your drive and just format it, then the new owner of your device could recover any files that should have been erased from your drive. Financial records,passwords and private fotos could so be exposed. That is just one example, so be save and protect your privacy!
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G0 Secure Delete

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