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February 20 2008


SoftSafe 2.10


VIEW OUR SCREENSHOTS: We our proud of the countless hours of work the staff at GoDex has put into them. We invite you to take a peak at whats on top, then, Heres whats under the hood: Only 79,235,188 possible unlock combinations!! SoftSafe: Only one password to ever remember again: SoftSafe is the tool for easily storing, finding, and changing your "soft" secrets. SoftSafe requires only seconds to change your master password. SoftSafe: A Safe place to store all your secrets and soft-valuables. Today's world is burdened with having to know far too many codes, numbers, and secret entry details. Do you feel stressed everytime you have to remember a new code, account number or password? Where can you put it and find it in a moments notice?. Forget about all those little slips of paper that are easily lost. How do you keep all your secrets in one place? How do you find what you are looking for? How can you change your password in seconds? How can you possibly remember all those numbers and keep them hidden from non-authorized users at the same time? Manage all your passwords Safely & Securely. Lock up all your "soft" valuables including passwords, user-IDS, pin numbers, software registrations, computer serial no., cellular phone passwords, pager passwords, voice mail passwords, lock combinations, bank account numbers, stock accounts, credit card numbers, authentication codes, network permissions, corporate keys, game codes, game cheats and any other "soft" secrets you may have! Track all your order returns: Time, Date, who you talked to, what is the return authorization #, etc. Track all your rebate offers sent in. DRAG information contained in SoftSafe directly into your Internet Explorer Browser. SoftSafe now includes GoDex DragonFill technology! DragonFill will let you automate entering User-IDs and password information directly into a web page. Who thought the Internet would be such a DRAG! Quick-fill technology enabled. Type one or more keystrokes and find what you are looking for. If this is new information GoDex Build & Go technology has the intelligence to enter as a new record or if its existing it immediately pulls up the record to edit. NO back tracking and NO jumping to other parts of the program are required by users of SoftSafe. A single place to enter new data or find the old. Let SoftSafe simply your life. Make-it BIG technology enabled. Using GoDex's Blackboard technology SoftSafe allows you to see your data in BIG white letters on the Blackboard. The same look of a Chalkboard. Read your screen, even a laptop from across the room. You choose how to view. Big & small are just one click away. Backup all your sensitive files in seconds with SoftSafes internal backup/restore capabilites or backup/restore your data to the external drive or disks you choose. Plus the datafiles are so tiny you can easily email them over the internet between work and home. Keep your version of SoftSafe current using GoDex's Internet Webupdate technology. With a single click you will know if you are using the latest up-to-the minute version of SoftSafe. Internet ease: Directly inside of the SoftSafe program check for update, download, close down the existing version and open the new version all very painlessly. Tell us how we can make SoftSafe better for you. Use SoftSafes built-in Off/On-line suggestion box to quickly and easily communicate with the folks at GoDex Inc. Do you prefer fancy colors in your programs. How about using Canary Yellow and Fushia Pink. SofSafe gives you the flexibility to pick a rainbow of colors for your main screen. Built-in counters and day reminders alert you when its time to change your master password or to let you know that several weeks have elapsed since you performed a datafile backup. SoftSafe will also automatically hide and lock the password file interface after a period of inactivity that you set. If you leave your computer in a hurry, SoftSafe will automatically lock up your password files! Extensive Help and Wizard files quickly walk you through the learning curve. Separate Float-over ballon help system incorporated for newbie computer users. Both Hardware & Software Encryption Solutions are available
Platforms supported:
Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME

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You will motivate GoDex Inc. to produce many more awesome, easy-to-use products! Free for 40-days & 40 nights!

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