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SoundSolution XAP 1.0

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February 20 2008


SoundSolution XAP 1.0


Powerful DSP algorithms realize a multiband compressor-expander-limiter. The multiband processor ouput is further processed by a two band limiter. The preemphasis generator makes your signal ready to be connected to a stereo coder and broadcasted in the FM band. It is also a perfect choice for DAB diffusion, internet streaming, or simply listening to the music. Features: - Multiband Compressor-Expander-Limiter - Center frequencies B1=170Hz, B2=1000Hz, B3=3200,B4=7200,B5=12000 - Gated AGC - Stereo Expander - Dual band output limiter / compressor / clipper - Bass Equalizer - Built in preemphasis 50-75uS generator and lowpass antialias filter
Platforms supported:
Windows 2000, Windows XP

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Soundsolution Xap

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