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Surface Modeler

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Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003


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October 19 2005


Surface Modeler


Surface Modeler is intended for modeling curves and Surfaces of the high order of continuity with smooth change of curvature.

With Surface Modeler you'll be able to create first-class objects with curvilinear surfaces. Their quality is dependent on their geometric characteristics.

Surface Modeler is the tool of choice for modeling car surfaces, external contours of airplanes and ships, working surfaces of blades of compressor rotors, turbines and pumps and curvilinear architectural forms, art products, animated cartoons and advertisements.

Basic Features:

  • Original method for creating exact and steady b-spline curves and surfaces using given 3D polylines and networks of points. The form of created b-spline curves and surfaces unambiguously corresponds to the form of given polylines or networks of points.
  • Producing high-quality curves and surfaces (smooth change of curvature and the high order of continuity of curves and surfaces) due to the unique method of smoothing b-spline curves and use of high degree curves (up to 10th degree).
  • Flexible means of geometric editing of curves and surfaces (by means of moving control vertices of the spline) and ability to subdivide curves and surfaces and/or decompose them into Bezier patches. more...

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