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True Audio Encoder TTA

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July 16 2011


True Audio Encoder TTA


True Audio Encoder (TTA) - simple lossless audio Codec which shows same or better results in comparing to majority of modern analogs.

Being "lossless" means that no data/quality is lost in the compression - when uncompressed, the data will be identical to the original.

The compression ratios of True Audio encoder depend on the type of music file being compressed, but the compression size will generally range between 30% - 70% of the original. TTA format supports both of ID3v2 and ID3v1 information tags.

Using True Audio encoder you can to store up to 20 audio CD from your collection on one single DVD-R for playback, keeping all of CD information in a popular ID3 information tags.

Here are some key features of "True Audio Encoder TTA":

  • Support of 8,16,24 integer and 32-bit floating-point multichannel Wav audio files;
  • Minimal system requirements;
  • High compression performance;
  • High speed performance;
  • CRC checking;
  • Corrupted data decoding;
  • Simple and clean output files format with precalculated seek points table.
  • Down to 30% lossless audio data compression
  • Real-time encoding/decoding algorithm
  • Fast operation speed and minimal system requirements
  • Can be compiled and executed on several different platforms
  • Free and open source code and documentation

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