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PSMemoPak2000 2.3

OS Support:

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP


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November 16 2004


PSMemoPak2000 2.3


PSMemoPak2000 - With PSMemoPak2000 you are only a click away from all the important days in yours or someone elses life. You¡¯ll never again miss a date, birthday, party or an appointment.
Activate the Floating Clock/calendar to stay on top of all your important information. When PSMemoPak2000 is running in the ¡®PS System Timer¡¯ mode, one click brings all your data into view.
Place PSMemoPak2000 in the Window¡¯s Start Folder and you have solved the problem of forgetting to run the program and then missing yours or someone else¡¯s important date.
Be it an approaching birthday, an appointment, or a message left on the Bulletin Board, a handy place to leave a memo for chores or other reminders that need your immediate attention, PSMemoPak2000 will keep you informed.
Version 2 includes the following functions: Personal Messenger so you can now edit and reset the time in the message window. The main program opens when you double click on the floating clock/calendar. PSMemoPak2000 will now check daily for yearly events or appointments when running in clock/calendar mode. And a Database backup function.
PSMemoPak2000 runs on Windows95/98/NT/ME/Windows2000/WindowsXP.
For more information contact PinderSoft, Sonnenblick1, 90613 Grosshabersdorf, Germany. Email: Tel or Fax: +49 / (0) 9105 / 99 00 87. You can download a free, fully-functional trial version from PinderSoft ¡®s website ¨C

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