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j2 Messenger

OS Support:

Windows 2K / XP


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February 23 2011


j2 Messenger


j2 Messenger is a useful desktop application, you can treat all of your messages, faxes and voice mails.

j2 Messenger main features:

With j2 Messenger, jConnect Premier, users can:

  • Writing, sign reading, and send high quality faxes in over 45 formats.
  • Listen to the voice mail.
  • Edit faxes, including but not limited to the combination of files, changing orientations, Comment and add numerous administrative stamps.
  • Scan files in a digital format for faxing.
  • Managing and archiving of faxes, voice mail and other communications.

    j2 Messenger, jConnect Free With Users:
  • Read faxes (send but not!).
  • Listen to the voice mail.
  • Managing and archiving of faxes and voice messages.

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