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Jabbim 0.5.1

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January 24 2011


Jabbim 0.5.1


Jabbim is an instant messaging service. It allows you to send messages to your friends in almost real time. Jabbim services are free.

With the desktop client Jabbim you able to stay in touch with your friends.

Jabbim main features:

Modern Technology:

  • Jabbim is on state-of-art messaging technology - the XMPP / Jabber protocol. It allows us to get in touch, wherever we are, whatever we do - sitting on our home PC, on the road with a notebook, PDA or mobile phone using the tram in the mountains.
  • Jabbim used is a robust, secure services and encryption to protect your messages.

  • You can Jabbim services with your mobile phone use. Save on the SMS, pay for the real data transfer.

  • Jabbim is one of the world's most reliable XMPP / Jabber servers.

  • Since Jabbim uses the modern XMPP protocol that allows our users with users of other modern IM servers such as Google Talk, LiveJournal Talk, WP Spik, Gizmo Project, Tipic IM, and many other chat.
  • Additionally, users on non-XMPP networks and communication with the users on the gateway. Jabbim provides access to the closed networks like MSN, AIM, Yahoo IM, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu and IRC.

    Open solution:
  • The use of open, extensible, advanced protocol - XMPP - there Jabbim and its users a great potential of services and the confidence of compatibility.
  • Users can have services such as saving up to gigabytes of data on the hard disk Jabber, SMS, dicitonaries, TV schedule, weather, train and bus timetables and so on use. Our developers are working to provide day and night Jabbim users something new.

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