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LAN Chat Enterprise 3.32

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January 5 2011


LAN Chat Enterprise 3.32


The program LAN Chat Enterprise is to support the exchange of messages in the regime of real time in a small office, an educational institution, typically in any office with local networks.

This unique software provides a way for users of local networks to communicate easily. The program works on the conference principle. LAN Chat Enterprise requires neither connecting to Internet nor a specialized (selected) server.

The program requires only want a simple one-range. The user can take complete control of the program and it is a way to all kinds of settings as he wishes to make. LAN Chat Enterprise is any client of the network the opportunity to interact with each of the remaining customers to the network for the exchange of messages related to their projects.

Administrators and chiefs can send messages either individual users or groups of users, to departments or even to send the whole office. You can send private messages to users, some private channels and to provide for multiple users.

LAN Chat Enterprise requirements:

  • A 486 (Pentium processor recommended) with a 66 MHz processor
  • 8 MB RAM minimum
  • 2.5 MB of hard disk
  • High Color video mode
  • Mouse
  • Modem for Internet connections or network card for LAN

    LAN Chat Enterprise limitations:

  • 30-day trial

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