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MiaouIRC 0.89

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January 28 2008


MiaouIRC 0.89


MiaouIRC is an RFC 1459-compatible IRC client written in Java/Swing MiaouIRC is another alternative to an IRC client like mIRC. First of all, it must be easy to use, intuitive, and very friendly. MiaouIRC is written in Java and also entirely RFC 1459-compatible. It must be graphically customizable, but remains very simple.

It is the main reason why the Java/Swing library has been used to the development of the IRC client with Java 2. But MiaouIRC is still in development and stable.

Here are some key features of "MiaouIRC":

  • The possibility for choosing the Look And Feel
  • DCC SEND, CHAT and OFFER with a DCC queue monitoring. Very useful for an intensive use on "DCCing" with FServ IRC Bot !
  • MiaouIRC is also multi-server
  • A logging system is available too, so you can trace all interactions between this program client and the IRC server, log by channel or by private message.
  • Multiple configurations management, easy to load from one to another. Configuration saves are only memorized on files, never on registers basis, in a Windows system type.

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