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P2P Messenger NET

OS Support:

Windows XP/2003/Vista


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January 14 2008


P2P Messenger NET


This software utility is a secure Instant Messaging client P2P Messenger .NET is an instant messaging software application that supports Peer-to-Peer technology. It is fully decentralized and does not require any servers. Supports public-key cryptography

Here are some key features of "P2P Messenger .NET":

  • Creating the user account with user's principal data.
  • Possibility to search through the distributed all-users database and the possibility to add the chosen users to the contact list.
  • Sending and receiving messages. Here the encoding and digital signature with public key are used. It guarantees the following:
  • The messages will be cashed in the network for some time. So if the addressee is offline at the moment, he will receive his message as soon as he connects
  • Strong reliability of delivery, since every message travels by a few paths
  • High speed - the principal transport protocol used is UDP whose speed is superior to TCP's. It is also possible to work through TCP and Proxy

  • .NET-Framework 3.0

  • Limited functionality in the unregistered version

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