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U5ME Operator Client 2.1.5 Build 1015

OS Support:

Windows NT / 2K / XP / 2003 / 7


Publisher Old version


February 23 2011


U5ME Operator Client 2.1.5 Build 1015


U5Me you can create your movable live chat button in any forums, blogs, auction houses, Jobs Search sites (or again), and its own website. Any Internet user can work with you by your u5me url chat.

Anyone can chat with you instantly or leave a message written after reading the news or reviews all over the internet. They have a movable live chat button in Internet communities. It is an easy way for messaging and interactive self-promotion tool. In addition, it will be as a convenient IM solution.

You can use U5me for the following purposes:
· Leave forum users to chat with you immediately after reading your posts.
• You let your blog readers to chat with you in real time.
· Activate a live chat in auction sites with your potential buyers or bidders commnicate.
· Make a simple live chat button on your online business website.
• You leave your live chat URL in your CV (in MS Word format or on job sites), so that potential employers can immediately chat with you.
• If your friends using any instant messenger tool, rather than you, they can still chat with you.
• If your friends travel out of town, they can take with you in an Internet cafe or hotel with browser-chat, no need to set up their IM account.
• If you only have one online chat with a stranger and do not want to reveal to your IM account, try U5ME.

U5ME Operator Client main features:

Online / Offline / Away / Hide Status:

  • Offer choices to sign in and chat. Can choose to log chat monitor, check, before chat rooms, message boards, answering without even available to chat, or choose to hide, as you register, you are offline.
    Chat History:
  • Save all your online chat sessions and reviews chats.
    Visitor information:
  • Analyze your traffic with other data from visitors, such as location, operating system, language, browser, etc.
    Referrer and Entry URLs:
  • Analyze where your visitors and the search engines they use to find you.
    Visitor IP Blocked:
  • Block malicious IPs by some visitors. In blocking a visitor's successful, the number of visitors who will block malicious be added and displayed in the toolbar.
    E-mail signature:
  • Support add a live chat button to e-mail signature in Outlook Express.
    Unicode support:
  • Supply different language platforms of your choice, so that the different needs of your visitors.

    U5ME Operator Client requirements:

  • 128M or more memory
  • 10 MB free hard disk space
  • IBM compatible PC with a Pentium processor
  • TCP / IP installed
  • Internet Explorer

    What's new in U5ME Operator Client:

  • Support Ticket System, Skype telephone chat

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    U5me Operator Client

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